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We are dedicated to representing clients all over northwest Florida who have been injured through no fault of their own. We will do everything we can to maximize your Social Security disability claim and ensure that your case is handled with professionalism and dignity.

A Florida Social Security disability lawyer can help

The first step in pursuing a disability claim, filing the application, is relatively easy and people usually do it themselves, without a lawyer. However, if the application is rejected and the case goes to appeal then the process gets much more complicated.

The regulations that control the Social Security appeals process are complex and difficult to work with if you are not familiar with the system. For example, the Social Security Administration’s five step sequential evaluation process has special definitions of various words and phrases. These technical definitions can be difficult to work and require the help of someone experienced in Social Security disability law.

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The Social Security Administration denies most disability claim applications

The Social Security Administration denies approximately two-thirds of disability applications in its initial evaluation. Therefore, even though it is easy to file the application, it usually takes an appeal before disability claims are granted.

This means that it is important to be persistent. Do not give up when your application is denied. Keep at the process and appeal your claim. The percentages show that the odds of getting a disability award increase at the appeal stage.

Social Security disability claimants with lawyers have better chances of success

Government statistics demonstrate that Social Security disability claimants are more likely to get a disability award when they are represented by a Social Security disability lawyer.

The disability lawyer has experience dealing with the Social Security Administration and therefore can see what the Social Security Administration will want in your case. This insight into the Social Security disability claim evaluation process allows the lawyer to present your case in the best light possible.

Ways that a Florida Social Security disability lawyer might help

Every case is different, but generally a Florida disability lawyer can help you by making sure that your Social Security file includes all the helpful information, working with your doctor to make sure that the medical report covers the necessary things, and working with you and your witnesses to present your case clearly.

We are ready to help with your Social Security disability claim

Your Social Security disability claim is very important. You want to get experienced help so that you will have the best chance of success.

If you are not already represented by a Florida Social Security disability lawyer, let me evaluate your claim. Give me a brief description of your claim using the form to the right.

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